Tilling the Soil

"Even though this is so, breakfast comes first." -Dogen Zenji

Life reminded me today

Not to hold expectations. I expected that after working and bustling about big cities and gearing up for volunteer work, I’d get to return to my gentle bodhi practice on a year of service in Honduras.
Truth be told, I’m having my doubts. With a mind that I’ve neglected in expectation of smooth sailing and clear skies, I now have to weigh the very real possibility that the area of service may become more hostile than previously anticipated during my year. With an unstable government granting provisional powers of policing to a military that has a history of corruption and coups, and an increasing level of drug-related violence, I am confronted with the dilemmas:

What danger would pose too much of a threat to compel me to reconsider service? As an aspiring bodhisattva, shouldn’t I be drawn to those places most violent? Most neglected? Most untouched? Is ‘following my heart’ in this case simply a euphemism for ignoring the dangers and being reckless, or is refraining from danger shirking the challenge?”

Time for some quality time with my cushion.. Avalokiteshvara, hit me up.

  • 27 December 2011
  • 79